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From: Marc
Subject: Family Friction (Part 3)Disclaimer:The following story deals with incest, watersports, scat and other
fetishes. If you are under the age of eighteen, or find this kind of
sexual activity offensive, STOP HERE!Family Friction (Part 3)
By Rim4you1The grandfather clock in the hallway chimed 3:30 a.m. when Jake stepped
out onto the porch. The August night was oppresively hot and humid.Like most of loli boy girl hardcore the farmhouses in the area, the front porch ran the entire
length of the front of pure lolita top list
the house. It was here that most friends and
neighbors gathered for a visit, weather permitting. Jake made his way
to a group of patio chairs at one end of lolita rape fuck model the porch and sat down. He
went over the events that had just recently transpired, rolling them
over and over in his mind trying to rationalize why he, the patriarch of
the family, wasn't able to get a grip on the situation and remedy it
quickly."Ah fuck!" Jake cussed at himself, "I should 'ev done somethin'!
Brandon has always been able to handle tense situations and work things
out just fine. Guess he takes after you, Clare." Jake whispered, with
a tinge of emotion in his voice as he thought about his deceased wife.Then Jake chuckled, "But on the other hand, I suppose Brandon is getting
himself one hot, little piece of ass round about now!"The screen door squeeked and opend. Brad emerged onto the dark porch,
naked, beers in hand. As his eyes became accustomed to the darkness he
looked around and spotted Jake seated in a chair and walked towards him.Jake had leaned back in his chair when he heard the screen door open.
His legs were spread wide, his eleven inch cock stood proudly at
attention, his low hanging balls hung freely over the rim of the chair.
In his hand he held the ping-pong paddle which he tapped lightly against
his muscular thigh.Upon seeing the paddle in Jake's hand, a rush of exhiliration like an
electric shock, shot through Brand and his cock twitched with
anticipation."Here's your beer, Daddy," Brad murmered, as he handed Jake the bottle,
slipping into his role of the submissive boy who had misbehaved and was
about to suffer the consequenses of his actions.Jake shot a glance upwards to his son, who quickly repositioned himself
to a seated position on the floor at Jakes feet."You know, Bradley," Jake said, with a wicked grin, tapping the paddle
against his thigh loud enough so Brad could hear it, "I don't think you
were very nice to Alex just now. You know that nothing pisses me off
more than rudeness, especially when it's directed towards family. I
guess I'll just have to teach you some fuckin' manners and respect!""Yes, sir," Brad replied, meekly."What do you have to say for yourself, Bradley?"Brad hung his head, as he knew he was supposed to. Father and son were
playing a game that streatched many, many years back. As adults it was
their way of bonding and their special way of playing when alone
together."Nothing, sir!" Brad faked a whimper, "I was rude and disrespectful and
deserve to be punished.""Well, at least you got the fuckin' balls to admit it!" Jake snapped.
"Speakin' of which, get over her and suck on my balls, boy!"Obediently, Brad slid under the chair, positioning his head under Jake's
hefty ball sack. Opening his mouth wide, he engulfed Jake's balls into
his mouth and sucked and tugged at them in the manner in which he knew
Jake loved.Jake moaned and enjoyed the sensations his son's mouth was giving his
testicles. Leaning forward, Jake reached down to Brad's nipples and
squeezed them roughly. Brad squirmed from the inflicted pain. Jake
pinched Brad's nubs even harder, more forcefully. Brad thrashed about
even more."Fuckin' bite my balls, Bradley, and I'll beat your mother fuckin' so
raw you won't be able to sit down for a month! Take it like the man I
taught preteen lolita pic info you to be or are you just another wimpy faggot boy?"Brad moaned, in pain and ecstacy."Answer your Daddy when he talks to you boy!" Jake bellowed, as he
raised the paddle high in the air and delivered a hard whack to Brad's
thigh.Brad disengaged his mouth quickly from Jake's balls."I'm just a faggot boy, Daddy!" Brad answered. "I'll never be the man
that you are.""Oh! So I raised a queer boy, did I?" Jake hollered, delivering
another mighty whack to Brad's thigh."Ooowww!" Brad whimpered, truthfully from the pain Jake inflicted.But Brad knew that it was all a game they played and that Jake would
stop only when a point had been reached and only Brad had control over
that."Yes, Daddy! I'm queer. I'm a faggot lolita rape fuck model and a pussey boy!"Whack! Whack! Whack! came the paddle on Brad's other thigh."You not only shame me tonight with your disrespect towards Alex that
your younger brother had to do your duty and now I find out that you're
a cocksucker as well?"Brad dwelled upon that thought. Perhaps Jake was really punishing him.
"Would the game come to an end at the given signal?" A signal that only
Brad could give. Brad thought hard."I'm sorry, Daddy!" Brad pleaded, uncertain now if this were just a
game or if Jake was indeed taking out his own frustrations on him."Get up, wimp!" Jake yelled, "grab hold of the railing and naked lolita online free get that ass
up in the air! I know how to treat fuckin' cocksuckers like you!"Brad hunkered up, his thighs stinging. Crawling forward a few feet, he
grasped the railing of the porch and pulled himself up. Streatching
himself so that he was at arms length from the railing, Brad spread his
legs and jutted his hairy ass as high in the air as he could. He
awaited his punishment.Jake drained his bottle of beer and dropped the empty bottle on the
porch floor."Whew!" Jake snarled, as he approached Brad's upturned ass. "You're
ass fuckin' stinks boy! When was the last time you wiped it?""Three days ago, Daddy. I wanted it to smell nice and ripe for
Brandon!""Fuck, boy! You stink all over! You need a fuckin' shower, Bradley!""Will you give me a shower, Daddy, and wash out my dirty ass?"Jake stood behind Brad with his cock inches away from his son's pucker.
Brad's hole was shitty. There was no doubt about that after Brandon had
shoved his bull cock up his brothers' ass and literally fucked the shit
out of him.Jake took aim and hot lolita nymphet petite started to piss. The stream of liquid gold hit Brad's
asshole and worked its way up and down Brad's hairy ass trench."Fuck yeah!" Brad groaned, "Piss on me, Daddy!"Jake shot his heavy stream of piss up and down each of Brad's legs, then
he took aim for Brad's back, the back of his neck and head.Brad turned his head to face Jake's pissing cock and took a flow onto
his face and into his mouth.Jake's piss was strong and rancid. It was his undiluted morning piss.
Foul in its stench. Pungent, and the flavor, heady."Wash up, boy!" Jake hollered, stopping his piss flow.Brad took Jake's reeking piss, dripping from his face and washed. His
face. His chest. dark lolita bbs list His armpits. His cock and balls.
His stinging thighs."Will you scrub my asshole, Daddy?"Jake lunged forward and in one powerful thrust, sunk his eleven inches
into his son's filthy hole. Brad screamed."Fuck! Brad yelled, at the massive intrusion, bucking his ass back."I'll fuckin' scrub your stinking hole alright, son!" Jake hollered
back. "Gonna fuckin' finish pissin' up your boy pussy and rape your
mother fuckin' ass just like your little brother did!"Jake emptied the rest of his bladder up Brad's shit chute, just as
Brandon had done earlier and began furiously fucking his son's asshole.The fuck was long and hard. At times Jake would pull his rigid cock all
the way out of Brad's hole, then slam back in with all his might."Fuckin' dirty ass!" Jake hollered. "Fuckin' a pig's shit-pissey ass!
Fuckin' cunt whore! Take my cock up your slop hole!"Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my whore hole!"With each lunge that Jake took, Brad bucked his ass back to receive the
full fury of his father's fuck. Jake was a man who fucked hard and
deep, showing little mercy to the man who accepted his throbbing cock.Then suddenly, Jake pulled out of Brad's gaping, well fucked asshole. A
moment of respite was afforded Brad, whose body quivered and shook.Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! The paddle descended
once more. This time on Brad's upturned ass."I'll be good, Daddy!" Brad whimpered. "I promise!"The pain Brad felt was excruciating, as Jake's punishment was as severe
and brutal as his fucking.Whack! Whack! Whack!Then silence. Brad heaved and sighed, but would not give in. Not just
yet."Stubbern fucker!" Jake hissed.Jake walked away from Brad. Descending the porch steps he made his way
to the side of the house to the clothesline. There he retrieved four
clothes pins and returned to his quaking son, still clenching the
railing. Still assuming the position.Brad saw the clothes pins in Jakes hand and tembled."Please, preteen lolita topmodel sites Daddy!" Brad pleaded, "Not that!""Shut the fuck up, Bradley!"Jake began to attach the clothes pins. One each on Brad's sensitive
nipples and then, snarlng, as if he had won victory, he clamped each of
Brad's balls.Brad screamed in agony and lust, but did not give in. His body
contorted in pain. How much more could he endure?The pain caused his ass muscles to contract and Brad began spewing piss
and shit from his asshole.Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!"Dirty, fuckin' nasty boy! Jake yelled. "I'll teach you to shit on the
front porch!""Please, please! Brad whimpered, "No more! I'll be good! I promise, I
will!"Despite Brad's moans, groans and pleadings, Jake knew that Brad had not
given in yet.Jake eyed Brad's bottle of beer. Reaching for it he grabbed it and
spilled its contents over his hand and arm. Then as savagely as he had
fucked Brad's ass with his cock, Jake sunk his fist into Brad's gaping,
well fucked hole."Aaahhh!" Brad groaned, gritting his teeth, as this next rape of preteen lolita topmodel sites his
asshole began, "punch my ass!"Jake's hand sunk deep into his son's sloppy, filthy hole, His hand
became a pistoning machine. Punching. Grinding. Twisting."Yes! Yes! Yes!" Brad sighed. The agony and ecstacy of his rape
plunging him into the infernal abyss of lust and depravity."You're a fuckin' hungry cunt, aren't you?" Jake screamed."More! More! Give me more!""You want more, pig?""Yes!"The pain Brad felt at this moment was more than he had ever endured
before, especially with the clothes pins clamping upon his balls.Jake stopped his fisting of Brad's ass for a moment, though not removing
his fist. Slowly, he edged his dick towards Brad's filthy, shitting
asshole. He took aim upon his intended target and pushed his cock in.As Jake's cock slid into Brad's shit chute, he curled his fingers around
his dick and began jakcing off up Brad's ass."Fuck! Fuck!" Brad screamed in a frenzy of pain and uncontrolled lust.
The pain in his nipples, balls and ass was bringing him closer and
closer to that point wherein Jake would stop. But Brad wanted to push
his limits. He did not want to give in to Jake this time, until Jake
had cum."You like my jackin' my cock up you ass, boy?""Yes!""Jackin' my dick right up you fuckin' filthy ass!""Cum up my ass, Daddy! Please cum in my little lola nymphs nude stinking, faggot ass!""Yeah?""Yes! I promise I will never shame you again in front of Alex!" Brad
responded, gritting and grinding his teeth.Jake continued stroking his cock within the recesses of his son's ass.
Bringing himself closer and closer to the edge of no return. To that
orgasm that would satisfy his pent up lust."Fuck me, Daddy! Jack your big fuckin' dick off up my stinkin' dirty
ass! I wanna feel you hot load up my ass!""Fuckin' bitch! Fuckin' cunt-whore!" Jake bellowed, "take my fuckin'
cum up your stinkin', dirty ass!"Jake's sweating body heaved and with one final lurch, one final stroke,
he let loose the floodgates of his churning balls, spewing wad after wad
of steamy spooge into Brad's rectum.Brad let go of the railing, and a piercing wail escaped him, followed by
sobs and tears. The signal was given. Brad crashed to the floor in a
fetal position and cried.Jake quickly recoverd from his explosive orgasm and released his son
from the bondage of his pain and agony. But was it his true agony?Craddling his sobbing son in his arms, Jake caressed Brad tenderly."I love you Brad!""I love you too, Dad!" Brad sobbed.At that moment, the cock crowed, heralding a new day.******************************I welcome your comments or suggestions. Write to me at Rim4youwebtv.net
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